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FICCSUR is an incipient film festival that takes place in one of the most beautiful cities of the South American cone, Valparaiso. We hope to have a worldwide festival of films, from all continents, from all cultures, with multiple languages, where the only common language is the film. With the support of the Illustrious Municipality of Valparaíso, we are going to hold a festival in several venues, where more than 100 films will be live screening, including feature films and short films, national and international.


Feature films and short films from all latitudes



Valparaíso´s party 

Selection of the jury


63 films 

Film festival with live screening, feature films, short films, video clips.

7° FICCSUR, Southern Cone International Film Festival, Valparaíso, Chile.


May, 19 to 22, 2023

The scope of the Festival is international


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